VirtualBox mouse problem in ubuntu 10.10

Sometimes it really drives you nuts.

Recently I had this problem (recently? since 10.04!): When trying to work with Windows in VirtualBox, it happened that the mouse pointer was not working for 2-3 seconds every 30 seconds. Obvious that you cannot work with such behaviour, so I did not for quite a time now and booted into windows if I needed it.

Google search did not bring a solution. Nobody seems to have this problem, so what now? Reinstall the box? Setting up a new windows? No.

The solution was easy in the end. I just looked at the german ubuntu user guide and found out that you need to do some extra work in order to get usb devices running like expected, if you have problems. Since my Logitech laser mouse is an usb device, I tried the upcoming solution and it worked!


As advised I set up a directory like this:

sudo mkdir /mnt/vm-usb 

I found out that the 'id' command does not show the vboxusers id, so I had to get the id of the group like this:

cat /etc/group | grep vboxusers


After I had the id of the vboxusers group (124 in my case) I opened the fstab file,

sudo gedit /etc/fstab


and replacing <id vboxusers> with 124 (id of the group on my system) I inserted this information at the end of fstab:

# usb nach virtualbox durchschleifen
none /mnt/vm-usb usbfs noauto,devgid=<id vboxusers>,devmode=664 0 0


after restarting Windows in the Virtual Box, mouse worked fine and seamless.  

Tim Wahrendorff
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