my new website is up and running smooth under PHP 5.3.

But not that these things can work without problems, no. Thanks to my webhoster I have to deal with the Suhosin Patch which does everything my Framework can do and does normally.

OK, then I disable all the security measures in my Framework, Suhosin does everything. Dare you goneo to ever switching the Suhosin Patch off. That would be fatal.


Of Course not everything is finished. Compared to my old website a guestbook, a galerie and a comment function in the blog is missing. I am going for the last one, but I am not sure if I put a guestbook and galerie back on. I almost never used them and nowadays we have this thing called facebook to share our pictures and personal messages, haven't we? And that is mostly the only new thing for users, beside the minimal dress put on: You can share my blogentries with one click on Facebook! I haven't build in the like button, since there are some privacy issues with that evil like button.

Tim Wahrendorff
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Und hier ist die neue, wundervolle Kommentarfunktion mit Gravatarunterstützung.

IP Adressen werden nichtmehr gespeichert, das Captcha ist weggefallen und wird auch erst wiederkommen, wenn Spambots JavaScript beherrschen. Ich schätze das dauert noch etwas.


And here is the beautiful comment functionality with Gravatar support.

IP Addresses are not recorded anymore, the Captcha has been dropped in favor for a Javascript solution, at least until Spambots learn to evaluate JavaScript, but I am not seeing this happen in the near future.

Gravatar Tim Wahrendorff 12.06.2011 09:25

und RSS-Feed ist auch wieder da
and RSS-Feed is back

Gravatar Tim Wahrendorff 12.06.2011 11:10

Das hast Du schick gemacht! ich bin sooo stolz auf dich!! :*

Gravatar SaBine 12.06.2011 12:24

Danke sad

Jetzt gibts auch wieder ein Suche für den Blog und die rewrite Regeln wurden auch noch für den Blog umgeschrieben...



Gravatar Tim 14.06.2011 10:58

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